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Nicky Gracious – “Stand Up” (Official Music Video)

It’s here, the world premier!!!


Pamela Indiveri

I love you so much!! Thank you❤️❤️ for this music and videos. You have put a big impact on my life. Give God all the glory tho. Without him we are nothing. And I thank him for everything good and bad I love Jesus so much. I wanted two say that I’ve also seen things in front of me that I cannot explain and it is a spiritual warfare and I wanted to let you know that I am also blessed for I am able to see that too and realize that and notice the spiritual warfare and God is good❤️


My son just passed September 23 2021 from fentanyl poisoning and he lived a life a lot like yours. I am from Indiana and moved to Florida. He was saved but went back that one time and got pure fentanyl and it killed him. I believe he is in heaven because the last thing he said to me is momma I got to get away from this town and get help he was planning on leaving Indiana that weekend and coming to Florida to stay with me again but it never happened. He has Jeremiah 2911 tattooed on his arm since his passing I literally see that first every single day I hear it see it in someway! That’s a message from God and my boy! He is ok and some how this tragedy will turn into something that needs to be heard. Thank you for being a willing vessel for the Lord! Thank you for using music to spread His
Gospel because a lot of the younger generations listen to rap and you’re right it’s a curse in a spell but you are using it for gods glory the younger generation needs to hear this!!

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