SORIpm, formerly known as “Adam Yung” is the FIRST Christian Recording Artist, Minister, Street Preacher, and Revivalist, under the Label imprint of Gracious Music from Christian Hip Hop Artist ”Nicky Gracious” who is signed to RIP Records. SORIpm is an African American, Egyptian, Jordanian Christian.

Born into a Muslim family, SORIpm was adopted at age 6 into a Christian family. SORIpm experienced many things as a child going into teen-hood and adulthood from childhood abuse, mental health issues, juvenile detention, homelessness/homeless shelters, jail and prison all by the age of 19 at which SORIpm gave his life to Christ and has been walking with him since.

Booking Price for SORIpm:

$750 + Travel/Lodging

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“On Go”