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Nicky Gracious – “This I Pray” (Official Music Video

It’s here, the follow-up single and music video to my last single “Stand Up”! I hope you enjoy it, “This I Pray”


Brandon Richey

Your music really hit home for me. It was a blessing that a special Lady in my life sent to me to listen to. I think her and you for the message. God Bless

Jessica Shupe

I really love this song I really can relate to it

Denise Adair

This I Pray, is a awesome song!
My son sent me this song & constantly played it, he told me just listen to the words Mom. It’s as if it’s my life.
Returning back to Oklahoma, from a ministry in in Ft. Worth, police followed the wrong person and shot my son 7 times with AR-15’. He survived after 32 pints of blood, 16 surgeries, multiple skin grafts, etc..
When he was in ICU Heavy Trauma on a ventilator heavily sedated I held my phone up to his ear and play “This I Pray” he lips moved as if he was singing each word to the song.

He’s alive though God’s, amazing grace, mercy and miraculous miracles.
God Bless, God Spee, Nicky Gracious ✨

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